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" Working with Pieceworks over the past 3 years has been both pleasant and a wonderful experience. Their staff is willing to adjust to our delivery needs, learn new process and we consider them an extension of Alternative Manufacturing. Their culture of meeting a challenge, working to improve their process and respect for all customers is what sets them apart from other vendors."
“As a local Maine company it was a great experience to find Pieceworks for help assembling our products.  They are skillful, thorough, timely, and ask all the right questions before the job even begins.  In short, they do very good work and we’d highly recommend them.”

"Our company Initial This has been working with Pieceworks for over nine years.  Working with Pieceworks is like scoring a touchdown or hitting a home run.  The relationship is a winner.

Pieceworks is efficient, excellent quality control, committed to us and our people, EDI capable, and there is always a team effort.  Over the years Pieceworks has steadily improved the workflow of our manufacturing.  There is always a "can do" attitude.  

We are looking forward  to working with you on future projects and continuing our great relationship."


"I have been engaged in business with Cathy Roberts and the Piecework’s crew since 1996. That is a testimonial in itself.


In those 28 years, I have been continuously impressed with the quality of their work, their respect for production deadlines, and their focus on customer service. Cathy hires the very best the mid-coast / central Maine has to offer and knows how to match their potential to a variety of tasks.


In many cases, they have devised innovative solutions to packaging, fabrication, and production challenges

that have reduced product costs and improved quality. More than a few of the products my company sells would not have come to fruition without the help and efficiency of Cathy’s production team.


Their focus on product quality needs further observation. Even simple repackaging of components is taken to the next level. Quality is the focus of everything they deliver. Labeling is done with care and precision; product assemblies are concise and uniformly presented. The adherence of product specifications is 100%.


Of further note, Cathy has a solid grasp of priorities and deadlines. We have been working on a customer-based production schedule for most of our business relationship. Production ship schedule dates have been met with amazing consistency. Work is always done to specification and always done on time.


Piecework’s ability to flex to often changing customer needs and priorities is exceptional. This virtue is much needed in our business environment and has prompted numerous grateful responses from our varied customers. The value of flexibility and responsiveness cannot be overstated.


Finally, but of no less importance, is Cathy’s positive outlook on business and the pleasant work environment it has created. The crew is always positive and receptive to new projects and the work created by them. This attitude fosters an exceptional working relationship, which I look forward to continuing for many years to come."


Scott A. Folsom


Reliable Products Manufacturing

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