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Custom Contract Manufacturing

For 28 years, Pieceworks, Inc. has repeatedly proven its competitiveness, proficiency, and ingenuity while showcasing adaptability across diverse products. It offers tailor-made solutions for businesses seeking manufacturing services.

Pieceworks, Inc. has carved a niche in the competitive manufacturing sector, blending creativity, innovation, and practical problem-solving.
Custom Contract Manufacturing and Assembly Services are available at Pieceworks, Inc. 

We have handled projects from a few hundred pieces to hundreds of thousands of pieces with the utmost integrity and attention to detail. 

By utilizing our Custom Contract Manufacturing and Assembly Services, you can subcontract different aspects of your business that may not be your in-house core competencies. Discover how Pieceworks, Inc. can help your business. 

Supplement Your Workforce

Subcontract with Pieceworks, Inc. rather than increase your existing workforce when seasonal or additional contracts create demand.

Optimize In-House Resources

Optimize your existing workforce by assigning them to your core competencies and subcontracting those projects requiring Pieceworks’ custom manufacturing/assembly services.

Maintain Production Quotas

Subcontract with Pieceworks, Inc. during periods of rapid growth to meet production schedules.

Support for

E-commerce Businesses

Let Pieceworks, Inc. be your initial production, shipping, and fulfillment employee base while you concentrate on growing your sales.


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Collating & Labeling




Product Development

Shipping & Fulfillment

Short and long-term contracts creating products from materials including: metal, plastic, wood, and textiles

Today, consumers want "Made in the USA" products. We work directly with our clients to create and tailor solutions to resolve their operational and production challenges.  

Consider "insourcing" to Pieceworks, Inc. and Utilize our Custom Contract Manufacturing Services and brand your product “Made in the USA”! 

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