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Where It All Started

Pieceworks, Inc. began as a home-based business over 28 years ago.  Prior to this, I managed a family business in Maine.  My father, an entrepreneur and inventor, designed a very successful product that was sold internationally.  I supervised the technical aspects of assembly, quality control, and international fulfillment for several years until it was sold.

The sale became an opportunity to start a home-based, woman-owned business.  With three young children to raise and my husband involved in our custom woodworking business, I was interested in remaining self-employed at home. I have to give credit to the idea behind Pieceworks' start-up to the people we employed. They reminded us that based on our previous experience, we now have a successful track record in manufacturing, assembly, quality control, and international shipping.  Why wouldn't there be other companies who might be interested in our manufacturing and assembly services?  


We intentionally chose to focus on a custom approach to providing contract manufacturing services.  Fortunately, this creative niche proved to be successful.  We have since expanded and built a facility. Our contract manufacturing services continue to focus on a diverse selection of companies needing product fulfillment.  This primarily involves light manufacturing, assembly, packaging, shipping, and research and development of new products.  

We have remained flexible in working with many different product types, making available a myriad of custom options to businesses interested in our services. Our creative, innovative, and "common sense" approach to problem-solving allows us to be successful in the competitive manufacturing sector.  We encourage companies to consider subcontracting their manufacturing and assembly needs to Pieceworks, Inc. We can assist you in finding the right solutions to benefit your business!

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We look forward to working with you!




Cathy Roberts


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