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Why Insource?

Today, consumers want "Made in the USA" products.  Pieceworks, Inc. successfully works with businesses committed to “insourcing” their production needs to a manufacturer in the USA.  

Pieceworks, Inc. can create positive benefits for your company. Many companies cannot afford the time or the financial resources to concentrate on every function or process to successfully operate their business.  By utilizing our contract manufacturing and assembly services, you can subcontract different aspects of your business that may not be your in-house core competencies.  Pieceworks, Inc. can produce your product in our facility and assist you in streamlining your operations while providing you measurable savings.
Discover how Pieceworks, Inc. can help your business. Here are some benefits and questions to consider for contract manufacturing.

We can:

  • Maintain production quotas - Are you a company that is experiencing rapid growth and expansion?  Are you selling a product online?  Are you prepared for unexpected large orders?  Do you have a facility or staff that can accommodate your increasing production needs? 

  • Meet seasonal demands - For companies who experience a cyclical seasonal demand, you may be challenged with hiring inexperienced temp. workers to produce your product to company standards under stressful deadline conditions.  

  • Optimize in-house resources - Every company has a workforce with strengths.  However, businesses do not always capitalize on their core-competencies because they are pressured to focus on more immediate operational demands.

  • Supplement your workforce -  If your production is seasonal why not subcontract to supplement your staff during peak production demands.  Consider additional contracts for your business without increasing your workforce or expanding your facility. 

  • Support for "virtual" businesses - Do you have an idea for a product, but you do not have a facility, skilled employees, manufacturing, assembly or packaging experience?  Is your product sold online but you have limited warehousing and shipping options?  


We work directly with our clients to create and tailor solutions to resolve their operational and production challenges.  Consider "insourcing" to Pieceworks, Inc. Utilize our custom contract manufacturing services and brand your product “Made in the USA”!

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